Session 2.1: Integrating intellectual property tools in OLPs business strategy


​In this session participants will be provided with information on the various intellectual property (IP) tools which can be used by producer groups to protect, brand and market their origin-linked products (OLPs).

First a recap will be made of the importance and benefits to integrating IP tools in a business strategy for OLPs. The following sessions will address the legal framework available to producer groups to allow them to leverage the advantage of the OLP on the market. The session will examine how producers can use the framework of individual trade marks, collective and certification marks and Geographical Indications (GIs) in their business strategy.

Several case examples will be used to reinforce the concepts being taught. In addition, learning exercises will be used throughout the session to allow participants to apply the knowledge transferred during each section.

Session learning objectives

​This session has as its key objectives:

  •   To provide participants with an understanding of the different types of IP tools available to protect OLPs
  •   To demonstrate the importance of such tools in developing an overall business strategy for the branding and marketing of OLPs
  •   To examine the pros and cons of each tool presented

Session learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  •   Distinguish among the different types of IP tools which can be used in an OLP business strategy
  •   Apply the knowledge gained to choose an appropriate IP tool(s) for their OLP and be able to explain why such a strategy is appropriate for their unique situation