Session 2.3: Geographical Indication protection strategy


In this session participants will learn about the different protection strategies which can be used in an OLP business strategy. The role of producers in implementing a GI strategy will be discussed. Participants will also gain insight into the basic elements for developing a GI protection strategy as well as the different types of infringements, forms of infringement and actions which can be taken against infringers.

Several case examples will be used to reinforce the concepts being taught. Learning exercises will be used throughout the session to allow participants to apply the knowledge transferred during each section.

Session learning objectives

‚ÄčThis session has as its key objectives:

  •   To provide participants with information on the importance of GI protection for OLPs
  •   To enhance the knowledge capacity of participants so they better understand how to elaborate a GI protection strategy for their OLP
  •   To enhance knowledge of the different ways to protect OLPs using the GI tool, including achieving GI protection in the EU & and in other international territories

Session learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  •   Explain the importance of GI protection for OLPs
  •   Identify and discuss the key elements of a GI protection strategy
  •   Explain how GIs can be used to protect OLPs nationally and internationally
  •   Articulate a GI protection strategy for their OLP