Session 3.3: Organisation of GI producer groups


This provides focuses on how producer groups can organise to implement their collective business strategy for their OLP based on using GIs. It covers governance of the producer group and their role in developing and implementing a GI management system.

Session learning objectives

‚ÄčThis session has as its key objectives:

  •   To provide an explanation on how producers can organise to develop a collective strategy to implement and monitor a GI system
  •   To increase understanding of value chain stakeholders on the importance of the GI group and the pivotal role they play in developing and implementing the GI system
  •   To discuss the kind of management and activities which must be implemented
  •   To enhance knowledge among stakeholders about the human/financial and other resources which should be provided for sustainability of the producer group and the GI system

Session learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  •   Critically discuss the role of producer groups and other stakeholders in developing and implementing a GI system
  •   Identify the key day-to-day management activities which must be implemented by a producer group and be able understand how to integrate a budgetary component in a business plan
  •   Explain the financial resources, human capital and technical expertise required to implement a sustainable GI system