Session 1.1: Defining an origin-linked product


In this session, participants will gain an understanding of what is an origin-linked product (OLP) and how they can be protected by intellectual property (IP) tools. Learning exercises are used throughout the session to allow participants to apply the knowledge transferred during each part.

Session learning objectives

  •  To better understand origin-linked products and how producer groups can leverage the intrinsic value of these products
  •  To understand how OLPs can be identified and managed
  •  To understand how IP tools can be used to identify, prioritize, protect and market OLPs

Session learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants must:

  •  Be able to distinguish between the terms and concept of OLP and GIs
  •  Be able to explain the benefits for having an OLP strategy
  •  Be able to explain how OLPs can be differentiated in the market using specific IP tools