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Montevideo, Uruguay

Forum on Digital Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights: Navigating the Future of Creative Industries in MERCOSUR countries and Chile

The hybrid forum, organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay through the National Directorate of Industrial Property (DNPI), and the Presidency of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay through the Agency for e-Government and the Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC), aims to establish a vital dialogue between the European Union (EU) and MERCOSUR and Latin American countries on these challenges.

Other collaborators of the event are the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay through the Department of Creative Industries (Dicrea) and the Copyright Council, the Uruguayan Film and Audiovisual Agency (ACAU), and the General Association of Authors of Uruguay (AGADU).

Facing the complex challenges of digital innovation and intellectual property rights (IPRs) presents both obstacles and opportunities. The forum aims to identify practical strategies to address the impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), on the resilience and adaptability of the creative sectors in the MERCOSUR countries and Chile. This initiative seeks not only to address the difficulties posed by new technological advances, but also to capitalise on the opportunities they offer to enhance creativity and protect creators’ rights in the digital age.

The EU is at the forefront of shaping intellectual property (IP) policies and digital regulations in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Its recent legislative efforts, such as the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (Directive (EU) 2019/790) or the copyright-related provisions in the recently proposed AI Act, have significant implications for other nations seeking to balance innovation and creators’ rights.

This forum invites experts from Latin America’s emerging Orange Economy sectors – including music, audiovisual, publishing, and video games – to examine the impact of disruptive technologies. Participants will explore new opportunities and challenges for content production, distribution, and monetisation.

A key objective of the webinar will be to examine the complex relationship between AI and intellectual property rights in the digital age, addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI-generated content such as ChatGPT and OpenAI’s DALL-E 2. It will also serve to highlight the urgent need for robust legal frameworks to protect creative assets threatened by increasing online infringement.

The forum is aimed at a wide audience, including creators from all sectors of the creative industries – such as music, film, publishing, and video games – as well as policymakers, legislators, judges and legal professionals responsible for drafting intellectual property legislation.


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