Through regional partnerships, AL-INVEST Verde IPR helps raise awareness on the value that IPR has in creating sustainable growth and jobs in the MERCOSUR region.

The main partners of the action are the IP Offices of Latin American countries, in particular the MERCOSUR countries:

In addition, the Action cooperates closely with other key stakeholders in the region such as:

  • Authorities in charge of administrating IPRs;
  • Higher education and research institutions such as universities or technology hubs;
  • Enforcement authorities including judges, police, customs officials …;
  • Businesses and user associations, in particular those that encompass SMEs;
  • Private sector entities, including creators, innovators and producers;
  • Chambers of Commerce;
  • Relevant international and specialised regional organisations.

In this endeavour, the Action will cooperate closely with EU institutions, represented by the EU Delegations in the region: