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The importance of protecting intellectual property in handicraft products: the case of Chile

Chile hosted an event that captured the essence of innovation and the protection of crafts through intellectual property (IP). The international seminar, Adding Value to Handicrafts and Local Products Through Intellectual Property Rights, organised with Chile’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), took place on 28 and 29 November 2023.

This seminar was a deep dive into the world of craftsmanship and IP. It brought together renowned international experts and practitioners who came together to demonstrate their commitment to protecting and promoting cultural heritage.

In the two days participants explored governmental support programmes, (new) EU regulations, marketing strategies and crucial elements for safeguarding and promoting crafts. The event allowed for enriching discussions, enlightening presentations and meaningful connections in this vital sector.

During the event, it became clear that the new EU regulation for geographical indications (GIs) for artisanal and industrial products not only benefits European producers, but also offers full compatibility with international GI protection. This allows producers of nationally registered artisanal and industrial GIs to protect their products in all signatory countries of the Geneva Act for example, including EU Member States.

AL-INVEST Verde DPI would like to thank all the participants who contributed to this seminar, and give special thanks to Nicolas Grau, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile (to be confirmed); León de la Torre Krais, Ambassador of the European Union in Chile; and Loreto Bresky, National Director of INAPI Chile, for their presence and opening remarks.

We would also like to thank our international speakers who came to participate as panellists: Pilar Montero, Director of the Magister Lvcentinvs programme of the University of Alicante, Spain; Renaud Gaillard, Regional IP Counsel of INPI France; and Ray Augusto Meloni García, Founding Partner of MCG Law Firm and expert in GI protection strategies for GIs.

Furthermore, we had the great honor of having the Executive Director of the EUIPO, João Negrão, virtually inaugurate the international seminar. He stated that: “The protection of GIs contributes to preserving high-quality traditional products and knowledge and the jobs linked to them, as well as attracting sustainable tourism and boosting regional development.” You can see part of his recorded video message here.

To relive the highlights and receive detailed information on the agenda and the topics discussed at the seminar, you can consult the event page here.



Summary of day 1, Santiago de Chile, November 28


Summary of day 2, Chimbarongo (Chile), November 29


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