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International Roving Seminar on ‘Adding Value to Handicrafts and Local Products through Intellectual Property Rights’ in Chile

Chile will soon host an event on crafts and intellectual property (IP) rights.

The international seminar ‘Adding Value to Handicrafts and Local Products through Intellectual Property Rights’ will take place on 28 November 2023 in Santiago de Chile and on 29 November in Chimbarongo, Chile.

Organised with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) of Chile, the seminar will bring together experts and professionals from the fields of crafts, IP and local development to discuss key issues on protecting and promoting crafts. Among them will be representatives from INPI France and the leader of AL-INVEST Verde DPI, as well as:

  • León de la Torre Krais, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of Chile (to be confirmed)
  • Nicolás Grau, EU Ambassador in Chile
  • Loreto Bresky, National Director of INAPI Chile

Relevant issues will be addressed throughout the event, such as governmental promotion programmes, European regulations and Latin American comparisons, IP rights management, marketing strategies and success factors. In the Chimbarongo session, there will be an exhibition of handicrafts with geographical indications for wicker, ceramics, horsehair and blankets, to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Chile’s O’Higgins region.

The event will address the new EU regulation safeguarding geographical indications for artisanal and industrial products and the role the European Union Intellectual Property Office will play in implementing the new system, particularly in managing the registration procedure. This includes discussing the new legislation’s benefits for artisanal producers outside the European Union.

This international seminar will be an invaluable opportunity to learn, collaborate and advance in the world of crafts and IP rights. Participants will gain cutting-edge knowledge, share experiences and make meaningful connections in an environment that fosters growth and innovation in this critical sector.

For detailed information on the event’s panels and daily organisation, you can consult the full agenda here.

Please register (presential only) for the session on 28 November via the following link: here.

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