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AL-INVEST Verde IPR rolls out extensive Studies package

AL-INVEST Verde IPR activities include events such as seminars, lectures, courses etc. Also, various types of studies are carried out and reports are produced. Below is an overview of the ongoing and planned studies.

Process optimisation of IP Offices – Brazil
Objective: to benchmark the practices for quality management and produce an action plan that is in line with the Strategic Plan of the Brazilian IP Institute (INPI). Both are aimed at strengthening INPI’s efficiency by promoting cooperation and an exchange of best practices with EU IP Offices. These exchanges will focus on various indicators, data-driven decision-making and user communication.

IP Case-Law Compendium – MERCOSUR and Chile
Objective: to create a compendium of case-law which will serve as a reference tool that organises and classifies terms and concepts related to industrial property jurisprudence and doctrine, using EU and international jurisprudence as a reference.

IT Diagnosis and Action Plan for IP Offices – Paraguay
Objective: to identify the digital transformation priority areas of the Paraguayan National Directorate of Intellectual Property (DINAPI) to improve support to users.

Contribution of IPR Intensive industries to the economy – Brazil and Chile
Objective: to assess the contribution of IPR-intensive industries to the Brazilian and Chilean economies and to raise awareness about the economic importance of green patents. The studies entail a collaboration with IPKEY Latin America and are meant to complete pre-existing initiatives of this project. The studies will provide specific information on the economic importance of climate change mitigation technologies (CCMTs) ([1]).

Development of a Technology Transfer / IP Professional Certification – Latin America
Objective: to ensure the successful development and implementation of a technology transfer certification program, establish a valid foundation for a certification framework, identify the skill sets necessary for technology transfer officers, validate the framework developed by different stakeholders (including the government, universities, and industrial partners), and create a plan for the implementation of the certification program. The study is part of the AL-INVEST Verde IPR strategy to promote training in Universities, Research Centres and SMEs on IP Management.

ALINVMentor mentorship program for geographical indications – MERCOSUR
Objective: to support and mentor businesses and individuals in the MERCOSUR region and other Latin American countries in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). It emphasises the development and effective use of IPRs, in particular geographical indications (GIs) and trade marks, which play a crucial role in improving the value of local products by fostering innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability. See here for more information.

Support to the modernisation of IP Guidelines in MERCOSUR countries – Uruguay
Objective: to provide assistance in updating the Uruguayan guidelines on trade mark examination. This will make them more user-friendly, clear, and predictable. Any changes will be made with Uruguayan trade mark law in mind, using published legal documents as a main reference. This initiative is part of a wider scope to support to the approximation of practices between the EU and MERCOSUR countries.

Keep an eye on the Publications section of our website to consult published studies when they are finished.

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