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AL-INVEST Verde IPR promotes Digital Modernisation in the Intellectual Property Office of Paraguay (DINAPI)

AL-INVEST Verde IPR is working closely with the Paraguayan Intellectual Property Office (DINAPI) in a study titled ‘Digital Modernisation: Diagnosis and Action Plan of DINAPI’.

This project’s objective is to identify DINAPI’s digital transformation priorities and develop a strategic action plan to improve the quality of its IT services and internal processes.

To achieve this, the study will focus on the following actions:

  • define a comprehensive technology reference model – a model will be set up covering the key services and processes of an intellectual property (IP) office, with all the cutting-edge technologies available;
  • analyse DINAPI’s needs and priorities – based on the technology reference model, a comprehensive analysis will identify the areas in which DINAPI requires support to improve processes and satisfy users;
  • identify key areas for digital transformation – the areas where DINAPI should focus its digital transformation efforts to modernise will be determined;
  • develop a strategic action plan – a plan will be established to address the technology priorities identified in DINAPI.

This study represents an important milestone in DINAPI’s search for excellence in its services and could lay the groundwork for future studies in other IP offices, using the established technology benchmarking model.

AL-INVEST Verde IPR is committed to working with DINAPI to implement the recommendations and actions resulting from this study. The goal is to achieve digital modernisation and provide high quality services to its users.

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