AL-INVmentor 1 MERCOSUR in Argentina is implemented in collaboration with our local partner, the Secretariat for Bioeconomy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Argentina. It focuses on geographical indications (GIs) recognised under national legislation as well as prospective GIs in development that may need support in areas such as collective branding strategy and collective sustainability.

Mentors and selected producer groups from the agri-food sector will discuss these topics:

  • Governance structures.

  • Objectives and strategic goals of the origin product chains.

  • Consensus development of product specifications and validation/implementation of fundamental strategies with producer associations.

  • Control mechanism identification and training, including traceability requirements.

At the end of the mentoring period, it is expected that each group of producers will have agreed upon a collective marketing and promotion strategy, and identified governance and marketing action plans in key destination markets such as the EU.

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