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Workshop on the management and protection of intellectual property in the Chilean wine sector

On 1 December, AL-INVEST Verde DPI is organising a workshop aimed at exploring the intersection between research, development, and the wine industry, using intellectual property rights (IPR) as a tool to support the fight against climate change through sustainable innovation.

It will take place in the premises of “Wines of Chile” in the form of a breakfast meeting and will be attended by key representatives from the Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), WIPO Green and Wines of Chile.

The workshop will focus on strategies for the dissemination and adoption of environmentally friendly technologies in the wine sector, working closely with WIPO Green to strengthen strategic technology adoption centres.

Among the topics to be discussed will be cooperation activities to support the implementation of green technologies in the Chilean wine sector, following the development of matchmaking activities under the WIPO Green initiative in Latin America.

In addition, complementary actions in line with the AL-INVEST Verde IPR project will be analysed, focusing on promoting the transfer of sustainable technologies, establishing mentoring programmes and strengthening mechanisms for the transfer of sustainable technologies.

This workshop is designed to be a space for exchange and exploration of strategies to implement sustainable technologies in the wine sector, in line with the planning outlined to achieve the UN sustainable development goals.

It is a key workshop to promote the implementation of sustainable practices and foster innovation in the Chilean wine sector.

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