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Online Workshop

Webinar "How to boost opportunities for cooperation and sustainable innovation"

AL-INVEST celebrates World Intellectual Property Day with an online event on Intellectual Property and how to boost opportunities for cooperation and sustainable innovation.

In the framework of Earth Day and Intellectual Property Day, a webinar open to the public will be held on 25 April 2023 with the aim of informing research centres, entrepreneurs and SMEs on how to take advantage of their intellectual property rights in relation to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly green transition. 

This event is coordinated by components 1 and 3 of the AL-INVEST Verde programme. The event will be opened by Ingrid Jenezova, European Commission representative from the Directorate-General for International Partnerships. It will include presentations from Frank Summa, programme director for AL-INVEST Verde – component 1, and Mariano Riccheri, project leader for AL INVEST Verde – component 3. 

The objective was to provide knowledge and raise awareness on the basics of intellectual property rights to entrepreneurs, in particular SMEs associated with projects focused on green economy.

Topics covered included:

  • Green innovation and the value of intellectual property. 
  • Funding opportunities for innovative projects between Latin America and the European Union. 
  • Methodology to present innovative partnership projects. 
  • Steps to safeguard intellectual property in innovative partnership projects for the green transition. 
  • Considerations when granting licensing agreements in partnerships for green innovation.
  • Examples of innovative partnerships.

The event lasted 2 hours and was attended by more than 140 participants from public institutions and potential Latin American SMEs interested in partnering with European companies. You will find the recording below.

You can watch the entire webinar below or in our Youtube channel.

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