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Seminar on Successful Intellectual Property Strategies in the Horizon Europe Programme: Cooperation Opportunities for Latin American and Caribbean Countries

AL-INVEST Verde IPR and the Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation (AUCI) are jointly organising a webinar on 23 May.

Intellectual property is a critical issue in projects funded under the Horizon Europe Programme. It has significant implications for project management, commercialisation, and exploitation of results and collaboration between participants.

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • give participants a better understanding of the different types of intellectual property, such as patents, trade marks and copyright;
  • provide practical knowledge on how to deal with intellectual property issues in research and innovation projects;
  • convey the legal and ethical aspects of intellectual property and show how to ensure compliance with EU regulations, especially in Horizon Europe partnerships.

This webinar will be particularly interesting for public officials, decision-makers, representatives of governmental STI authorities from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), university managers, representatives of university associations, research centres, project coordinators, and LAC National Contact Points for the Horizon Europe programme.

You can watch the entire webinar below or on our YouTube channel.

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