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São Paulo, Brazil

AL-INVEST Verde IPR and SEBRAE Join Forces for CATALISA 2023: Promoting Sustainable Innovation and Competitiveness

AL-INVEST Verde IPR – a leader in intellectual property (IP) rights optimisation in Latin America – partners with SEBRAE to co-organise Catalisa 2023. This strategic alliance aims to enhance IP rights in competitiveness and sustainable innovation, focusing especially in MERCOSUR and Chile.

On 8 and 9 November, SEBRAE will host the Deep Tech Summit 2023 in São Paulo, Brazil. This event will promote dialogues and connections between investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, focusing on disruptive technologies.

AL-INVEST Verde IPR will present The Synergy of Deep Tech: Incentives, Intellectual Property and the Bridge between University and Business to international experts, highlighting its commitment to a sustainable economy and innovation.


This alliance represents a shared commitment to fostering a sustainable economy and innovation in Latin America. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will open for IP rights in the region.

Your bridge to business success: SEBRAE, recognised for its support to micro and small businesses in Brazil, provides key tools and guidance for business growth.

Innovation from academia to market: the CATALISA ICT programme accelerates the transformation of academic research into market solutions, offering management training and access to high-calibre mentors.

To know more about the event, visit our latest publication here, where you can see photos and all the detailed information.

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