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Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement

A new edition of the annual Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement took place online on 29 April 2021. ARISE+ IPR organised the event to promote the fight against counterfeiting, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. It also provided a platform to share best practices from the European Union in this field, as well as to share the awareness-raising campaigns on IPR enforcement in general. The workshop covered two topics, ‘The risk of counterfeit products during the COVID 19 pandemic from an economic point of view’ and ‘Enforcement Awareness campaigns in the European Union.’

The first topic was presented by Nathan Wajsman, Chief Economist at the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights. It covered the general impact of counterfeit products, trends and distribution channels during the pandemic, and the EU’s campaigns, operations and regulations to fight counterfeiting during the pandemic. The second topic covered the approach and success of the EU’s awareness-raising campaigns on IPR enforcement.

The Regional Workshop targeted the ASEAN Network of Intellectual Property Enforcement Experts’ members and enforcement authorities, including law enforcement officials and customs officials from each participating ASEAN Member State.


Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement I

Burmese | Indonesian | Khmer | Laotian | Thai | Vietnamese


Regional Workshop on IPR Enforcement II

Burmese | Indonesian | Khmer | Laotian | Thai | Vietnamese



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