The first edition of the AL-INVmentor initiative, AL-INVmentor 1 MERCOSUR, started in January 2024. It aims to support six origin-linked products (OLP) from across the MERCOSUR countries with specialised tailored workshops and in-person and virtual training sessions to give them the tools to apply for or better leverage their IPRs.

The AL-INVmentor initiative focuses on geographical indications (GIs) and other IPRs and, when necessary, also supports them to comply with regulations under the umbrella of the EU’s Green Deal to facilitate access to European markets. Topics covered can include marketing, governance, strategy, sustainability, control strategies and technical support in the development of applications for protection and recognition as GIs under national legislation.

AL-INVmentor 1 MERCOSUR was formally launched in May 2024, will run until early 2025 and is supported by local partners in each country. Click on the country concerned for more information.

AL-INVmentor Brasil

AL-INVmentor Paraguay

AL-INVmentor Argentina