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Kingston, Jamaica

Jurisprudence Conference for the CARIFORUM region, MERCOSUR and Chile

The conference is being organised by the CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project (CarIPI), in collaboration with the Academy for Law of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and the Jamaican Intellectual Property Office (JIPO). The activity is part of an AL-INVEST Verde IPR initiative to develop a compendium of case-law on trade mark law.

The main objective of the joint event is to increase knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework for intellectual property (IP) and the judicial management of disputes in the CARIFORUM region, the MERCOSUR countries and Chile. It will also promote the dissemination and exchange of information on judicial decisions on IP matters.

CarIPI will be represented by judges from Caribbean countries and legal IP practitioners based in Jamaica. The group of all female experts from AL-INVEST Verde IPR includes judges from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Together, the experts will address issues such as the protection of well-known trade marks, the obligation to use trade marks, infringement on the internet, infringement actions and other relevant aspects.

The conference will feature presentations on the evolution of IP adjudication in English-speaking countries and collections of existing case-law. It will also include analyses of case-law in non-English speaking countries and emerging trends, as well as presentations from each jurisdiction in the fields of patents, industrial designs, trade marks, appellations of origin and copyright.

The compendium of trade mark jurisprudence will be coordinated by an expert contracted by AL-INVEST Verde IPR and will include the creation of a judges’ network. During the conference, judges from the MERCOSUR countries and Chile will present recent and important national judgments and court decisions  on trade mark law to be included in the compendium.

The two-day event will focus on the impact of legislation on judicial decisions and the cross-border implications of IP adjudication between CARICOM, CARIFORUM and Europe. Finally, group activities will be organised to compare the jurisprudence of the CARIFORUM jurisdictions and identify best practices.

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