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World IP Day promotional event

On 27 April 2022, the National Intellectual Property Center – Sakpatenti will be celebrating the World Intellectual Property Day with an event in Tbilisi where young people will be at centre stage as the 2022 edition focuses on IP and youth innovating for a better future.

As part of the EUGIPP activity ‘Creativity and Intellectual Property in Georgian Schools’, Sakpatenti organised the ‘2022 IP Infographics Competition in Georgian Schools. Four selected public schools participated in the competition: Gori No 8, Gori No 12, Tbilisi No 122 and Tbilisi No 133.

Under the supervision of an education expert, pupils of different ages worked together to design infographics related to main theme of this year’s World IP Day: ‘Innovating, for a better future!’. Teacher and pupil representatives from the four schools will be presenting their works at the event on 27 April, followed by an awards ceremony to promote their achievement.

During the event, a selection of e-learning courses produced by Sakpatenti with the support of EUGIPP and the EUIPO will also be presented. These courses, which include webinars and interactive courses, will be available to the public to promote the importance of intellectual property and its enforcement.

The event will allow participants to exchange experiences and opinions, promote creativity and innovation in Georgian schools and will contribute to raising awareness on the role IP plays in our daily lives.



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