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Inspiring Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs through Creativity and Innovation

On 12 March 2023, the CARIFORUM Intellectual Property and Innovation Project (CarIPI) and the Belize Intellectual Property Office partnered with UN Women and WIPO (Indigenous and Local Community Women Entrepreneurship Program) to deliver the webinar ‘Inspiring Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs through Creativity and Innovation’.

The objective of this webinar was to enhance the capacity of female indigenous entrepreneurs in CARIFORUM States in areas related to creativity, innovation and intellectual property in business.

During the session CarIPI provided participants with a basic understanding of how they can build sustainable business models based on their traditional knowledge/cultural expressions and genetic resources which form the basis for their products and services. Experts will also share information and resources for entrepreneurs to effectively use the intellectual property system both nationally and internationally, including in the digital economy.

This event is part of CarIPI’s AWP4, Activity 22: ‘Support to women entrepreneurs: Integrating innovation & IP in business strategies.’



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