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Successful 5th EU-ASEAN Heads of IP Offices Meeting

On 25 March 2021, the EUIPO Executive Director, Mr Christian Archambeau, participated in a successful 5th EU-ASEAN Heads of IP Offices Meeting. The meeting was organised under the ARISE+ IPR Project to strengthen the relations between the Heads of ASEAN IP Offices and provide them with a platform for sharing best practices, and to formulate new areas of EU-ASEAN collaboration and points of convergence that take into account the individual IP Offices’ priority areas.

Mr Archambeau opened the meeting emphasising the EUIPO’s commitment to support technical projects worldwide, including the ASEAN region through the ARISE+ IPR Project, for the benefit of ASEAN and EU businesses. He also stated that the promotion of intellectual property rights (IPR) in ASEAN through ARISE+ IPR and the EUIPO are vital in providing businesses with a framework to innovate and succeed wherever they find a market.

In her opening remarks, Ms Marika Jakas, Head of Trade and Economic Section, EU Delegation to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, also highlighted the strong trade relationship between ASEAN and the EU, ASEAN being the EU’s third-largest trading partner.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Tran Le Hong, Chair of the AWGIPC and Deputy Director General of IP Viet Nam, and counted on the participation of many Heads of ASEAN IP Offices, Ms Francesca Gilli, Attaché and Programme Officer in the Cooperation Section, EU Delegation to Thailand, and a high-level management team.

New developments in trade marks, industrial designs and geographical indications, and the latest information technology to enhance IPR protection and enforcement were discussed during the meeting.

Mr Archambeau also reiterated his appreciation to the Heads of ASEAN IP Offices and the EU Delegations in the region for their continued trust and active support in setting the priorities in response to pandemics and emergencies. Those priorities include harmonising IP operation measures, sharing IP policies and disseminating IP knowledge.


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