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IP knowledge can help increase your business opportunities in the Philippines. Find out how in the ARISE+ IPR seminar!

The EU-funded ARISE+ IPR programme, in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL), is organising a ‘Seminar on IP Services and Tools to Businesses in the Philippines’ on 27 October 2021. The online event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of intellectual property (IP) protection and the tools and services available to facilitate IP registration and protection. It targets regional and international entrepreneurs who wish to bring their products and services to the Philippines market. The event will provide the audience with essential information concerning the IPOPHL’s role in supporting businesses and the IP services it offers, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution services. 
A company’s intangible assets – intellectual property rights (IPR) such as trade marks and industrial designs – are key to the company’s branding protection and business strategies. Successful branding with these assets allows a company to stand out and gain recognition when expanding within national and also international markets. 
At this event, the IPOPHL will introduce the IP system in the Philippines and the programmes and services it offers to businesses currently operating, or interested in pursuing business opportunities, in the Philippines for the registration and protection of IPR. Attorney Mary Grace Cruz-Yap, Director IV of the Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau, will be presenting the first session, ‘Introduction about the IP Office of the Philippines and its support to businesses’. Afterwards, Attorney Christine Pangilinan-Canlapan, Director III of the Bureau of Legal Affairs, will present the second session, ‘Introduction about IPOPHL’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services’. 
Following the presentations, the ‘Dialogue with the businesses’ session will serve as a platform for businesses to share their questions and comments, doubts and suggestions regarding IPOPHL’s tools and services. 
The ‘Seminar on IP Services and Tools to Businesses in the Philippines’ will take place on 27 October 2021 at 14.00-16.30 (GMT+8, Manila time) / 08.00-10.30 (GMT+2, CEST) via the Zoom platform. Register now at 

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