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How to Enforce Your IP Rights Leaflets 

ARISE+ IPR releases new leaflets "How to Enforce Your IP Rights" to raise awareness of the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) protection and to support IP owners in enforcing their rights, which include trade marks, industrial designs, and geographical indications (GIs). The leaflets answer common questions and provide specific information for each ASEAN country. 

Enforcing IP rights is just as critical as registering and owning them. IP owners should be aware of the IP rules that apply to their assets, how to detect infringements, as well as the procedures and legal remedies available once their IP rights are violated. This information will allow IP owners to prevent or stop IP infringement, which will also benefit their businesses in the long run. There is also information on the responsible enforcement agencies in their country, as well as other helpful advice for IP owners. 

Download and learn more about IP enforcement leaflets at our publications here.  

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