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ARISE+ IPR launches the guidebook on IP for ASEAN SMEs

ARISE+ IPR has launched an online guidebook to help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the ASEAN region understand the importance of intellectual property (IP) protection. Many businesses in the region have only partial knowledge of the benefits of IP protection, which can be a major hindrance to their growth and success. The Guidebook on Regional IP Management for SMEs in ASEAN aims to raise awareness and provide practical information on IP protection and related issues.

The guidebook is a comprehensive resource for businesses and individuals interested in IP. It covers topics such as what IP is, strategic steps that businesses can take to protect their IP, the profitable side of IP, and how businesses can respond to copies and infringements. Additionally, the guidebook summarises good IP practices and provides relevant links to IP offices and IP-related organisations in the ASEAN region.

ARISE+ IPR hopes that the guidebook will empower MSMEs in the region to take advantage of the benefits of IP protection and help them grow and succeed in a competitive business environment. The online format of the guidebook makes it easily accessible to businesses of all sizes and everywhere. It is available free of charge to anyone interested in learning more about IP protection in the ASEAN region.

Download the guidebook at our publications here.


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