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Workshop for Legislators on IP Education for Rural Areas/Community-Based Industries

ARISE+ IPR has hosted many workshops for Geographical Indications (GIs) producers under its previous annual work plans to increase their capacity and promote their commercialisation of GI products. In 2021, the project has a different approach. It will hold a workshop for IP legislators, policymakers, and IP office officials whose work is relevant to promoting GI and design-intensive products, especially in rural areas and community-based industries.

The two-day workshop will provide the participants with a better understanding of the benefits that community-based industries in the ASEAN could gain from effective policy programmes, which, in turn, contribute to rural growth. The workshop will cover current topics of interest. The intention is to describe:

  • the possible role of IP as an accelerator in rural and community-based development;
  • the importance of legislators in promoting the industries;
  • the experiences of the EU and producers in promoting community-based products;
  • the necessity of well-developed policies to encourage rural development within the ASEAN.


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