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Training on the ASEAN Trade Mark Common Guidelines (Substantive Examination)

Trade mark applications worldwide and within ASEAN continue to grow. Therefore, it remains of utmost importance to continue to enhance the capacity of trade mark examiners within ASEAN to keep up with this global demand for trade mark applications. The ASEAN Common Guidelines for Substantive Examination of Trade Marks serves as a good starting point within ASEAN for training and collaboration between the ASEAN IP Offices.

Under previous Annual Work Plans (AWPs), ARISE+ IPR has supported several capacity-building activities for all ASEAN Member States in the field of trade marks. Under the current AWP, ARISE+ IPR continues to provide extensive training on topics requested within the ASEAN Common Guidelines for those involved in substantive examination in each ASEAN IP Offices.

This is the third training on ASEAN Trademark Common Guidelines, organized within the framework of the ARISE+ IPR, aiming to enhance the overall skills, knowledge and awareness of ASEAN officials in trade mark substantive examination. Similar to previous training, the training modules will be made available on the ARISE+ IPR website, to increase the outreach and allow for a greater number of examiners to be trained in substantive examination through ASEAN Member States.


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