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Technical support to LDCs to implement its national IP action plan

As part of the LDCs constant strive for greater IP development, these countries have recently adopted their own National IP Strategies (NIPS). These have been revised and updated in 2020, and focus on widening IP education, providing support to the creative industries, and raising awareness on IP.

Under ARISE+ IPR’s previous Annual Work Plan (AWP), a road map has been developed on how the NIPS of LDCs could be enhanced through the creation of an action plan for IP development. Interested LDCs conducted consultations with the ARISE+ IPR team and an external expert to develop this action plan. The action plan involved key actionable goals, such as the development of an IP curriculum for schools, promotion of partnerships with universities, and promotion of IP to the general public.

Under this AWP, ARISE+ IPR will carry out activities aligned with the NIPS of participating LDCs in order to further advance these deliverables.


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