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Roundtable discussion for ASEAN judges and prosecutors

In 2021, ARISE+ IPR organised a series of online roundtable discussions for ASEAN judges and prosecutors on 26 January (Malaysia), 2 February (Thailand) and 30 March (Cambodia and Lao PDR). The roundtable discussions covered the enforcement of IP rights in the judicial environment, IPR protection and enforcement in ASEAN Member States, and IPR protection from the perspective of Civil and Criminal Law. The roundtable discussions also included the sharing of EU decisions on IPR cases.

The events were intended for ASEAN judges, prosecutors, and enforcement officials. They aimed to contribute to ASEAN judges’ and prosecutors’ capacity-building to facilitate effective and expeditious cases. They will also serve as a platform for the sharing of EU decisions and judicial practices that may be of interest to, and commonly encountered by, the judiciary members and prosecutors in ASEAN Member States (AMS) in dealing with IP cases.




Cambodia and Lao PDR




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