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Yangon Myanmar

Myanmar IP officials and SMEs to be briefed on international practices for trademarks, patents and designs

ARISE+ IPR and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the Myanmar Intellectual Property Proprietors Association (MIPPA), will organize the “National Seminar on Protecting Brands, Inventions and Designs Overseas” for Myanmar IP officials and SME representatives in Yangon on 12 November. The seminar will focus on administrative procedures and international best practices that may be considered in implementing the Myanmar IP laws once approved.

Following updates on the proposed IP laws and their potential implications for SMEs, IP experts will share information on how SMEs can protect their IP assets locally and internationally, including through the EU trademark and industrial design systems and the Madrid Protocol. The WIPO, EUIPO and ASEAN online IP databases and tools will be demonstrated and alternative dispute resolution will be discussed.

It is anticipated that Myanmar will establish an IP office and that the new IP laws will create an accessible and efficient system of IP registration in the country.

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