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Impact Study of ASEAN Geographical Indication registration in the ASEAN region

During the first and second year of the project implementation, ARISE+ IPR has organised many activities to promote Geographical Indications (GI) protection and empower GI producers and associations in the ASEAN region. Those activities include awareness-raising seminars in November 2018 and September 2019, production and publication of ASEAN GI booklet in May 2019, updating of the ASEAN GI Database, and support to several editions of AsiaGI training, among others.

In 2020 and within the framework of Annual Work Plan-3, ARISE+ IPR provided technical and administrative support for the elaboration of an ‘Impact Study of ASEAN GI registration in the ASEAN region’. The Impact Study aims to encourage and facilitate the registration of national GIs in other ASEAN Member States (AMSs), with an end-of-view to promoting and protecting local GIs in the ASEAN market; and contributing to the extension of the IPR protection.

The study consists of two components: the analysis of the economic impact of the protection of national GIs in different AMSs and its contribution to trade growth and economic integration in the ASEAN region; and the analysis of potential mechanisms to facilitate the registration and protection of national GIs in different AMSs.

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