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Creation of an ASEAN Guidebook on Regional Intellectual Property Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In the ASEAN region, many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are not fully aware of the benefits of intellectual property (IP) protection and the importance of protecting their IP rights nationally and regionally. Therefore, in 2022, ARISE+ IPR created an online guidebook on regional intellectual property management to raise awareness among these businesses and provide useful and practical information on IP protection, as well as other IP-related issues.

The Guidebook on Regional IP Management for SMEs in ASEAN is a comprehensive resource for ASEAN MSMEs and those interested in IP. It contains detailed information about IP, including what IP is, strategic steps to take businesses to the next level, the profitable side of IP, and what businesses can do against copies and other infringements. There is also a summary of good IP practices and useful links to IP offices and IP-related organisations in the ASEAN territories.

Download the guidebook now:


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