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South-East Asia

ARISE+ IPR supports the accession of ASEAN Member States to the Hague Systems through gap analysis and regional workshops

In 2020, ARISE+ IPR provides legal and technical assistance in preparations for accession to as well as the post-accession of the implementation of the Hague Agreement, concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs (Geneva Act) for the ASEAN Member States, via two components.

The first component is the gap analysis for Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, and Myanmar to evaluate the compatibility of the national law and regulations with the Hague Agreement (Geneva Act). The study also makes recommendations to address these gaps, as well as possible declarations to be made upon accession to the Hague System.

The second component consists of a regional workshop on the Hague Agreement, back to back with a practical workshop for the Vietnamese business sector. For the regional workshop that takes place virtually on 2–3 June 2020, ARISE+ IPR has invited design examiners from the ASEAN IP Offices to participate and learn from senior Design Experts the insights necessary for the accession as well as the post-accession implementation of the Hague Agreement. The workshop also promotes the sharing of experience between design officials from countries that are already party to the Hague Agreement and those ASEAN Member States not yet party to the treaty; it encourages the design examiners from the former group of countries to share their first-hand experience in this regionally cooperative workshop. The practical workshop for Vietnamese business sector takes place in Viet Nam in the latter half of the year.



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