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Protection of Intellectual Property in Africa: Increasing SMEs Competitiveness in a Continental Market

The EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) provides a platform for interaction between European Union (EU) businesses and key African policymakers and between EU and African business leaders. The interaction aims to improve trade and investment in Africa to mutually benefit European and African businesses and economies.

In this year’s edition of the EABF, AfrIPI hosted a series of events to boost intercontinental trade between the EU and Africa. It also raised awareness on Africa-specific intellectual property (IP) issues that EU businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), should consider when deciding to invest in Africa.

In one of the events, on 18 February 2022, AfrIPI conducted a seminar under the theme: Protection of Intellectual Property in Africa: Increasing SMEs' Competitiveness in a Continental Market.

The speakers spoke about the need for EU businesses to take advantage of resources and materials available to them free of charge to broaden their appreciation of how IP rights operate in Africa. The speakers highlighted the services of the Africa Intellectual Property SME Helpdesk. They also provided an overview and a case study to demonstrate challenges that EU businesses are likely to face in Africa and possible ways to overcome them.

The speakers were:

  • Gaelle Doleans - Project Manager Economic integration and statistics, DG International Partnerships

  • Nancy Samuriwo - Intellectual Property Rights Expert, AfrIPI

  • Guy Pessach - IP and Budinsess Division, WIPO

  • Dr. Gorden Mabuyaye - Head Research & Development, Seed Co Limited

  • Beata Suwala - Project Coordinator, Africa IP SME Helpdesk


Watch the seminar here:

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