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Launch of the AL-INVEST Verde IPR Mentorship Programme

The AL-INVEST Verde IPR Mentorship Programme (ALINVmentor I) is the first of its kind in a series of mentoring programmes to enhance the use and development of intellectual property rights (IPRs), especially geographical indications (GIs) and trade marks. These IPRs are integral to driving innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability. The programme aims to support businesses adopt sustainable growth and production practices, bolstering consumer trust, and aiding the transition to a green economy in Latin America.

GIs are essential to adding value to local products and preserving cultural heritage, as well as promoting eco-friendly production methods. Other IP rights such as trade marks, certification, and collective marks also serve as tools for endorsing sustainability and facilitating knowledge sharing. The initiative aims to accompany producers in obtaining legal protection against unauthorised sustainability claims.

The programme will primarily operate in MERCOSUR countries, focusing on regions and products that are critical to regional and EU trade and environmental policy such as the Amazon Forest and Gran Chaco Biome, and will include products such as coffee and cocoa. While mainly centred on agricultural goods, it may include artisanal or manufactured products.

In its initial phase, the programme will work on elevating local value chains through the GI system by targeting key stakeholders. This involves mapping Origin-Linked Products (OLPs) and identifying potential candidates and producer groups, considering their origin and type. Specialised mentorship and training will then be provided to these groups.

A core objective is to promote sustainable production methods within the framework of GIs. This includes responsible resource management, conservation efforts, energy efficiency, and social equity. The approach will engage various stakeholders, including farmers, producers, government bodies, consumers, and advocacy groups, to achieve these sustainability goals.

Stay tuned for regular updates about our brand new mentorship programme.

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