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INPI Brazil visits EUIPO to modernise and strengthen its intellectual property system

The National Institute of Intellectual Property of Brazil (INPI) is implementing a strategic activity to strengthen the intellectual property system through the modernisation of quality systems and process improvements related to the registration of industrial property titles, particularly trade marks. As part of its National Intellectual Property Strategy (ENPI), INPI Brazil seeks to acquire valuable knowledge and share experiences with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Through a study visit, which took place from 11-13 July, a delegation of experts in quality management and trade mark examination processes from INPI was able to examine in detail the management systems implemented by the EUIPO in order to identify successful practices that can be used to improve efficiency, simplify procedures and optimise cost-benefit ratio in the Brazilian IP system.

This experience has provided INPI Brazil with the opportunity to identify successful practices that can be adapted and implemented in its own national context, in line with its objective of improving efficiency, simplifying procedures and optimising the cost-benefit ratio in the IP system.

In parallel to the study visit, a hybrid interactive session was held, in connection with Brazil, focused on the management of the office’s relationship with users and rights holders.

The study visit represented a significant step for INPI Brazil in its desire to continue improving and fostering an environment for innovation and IP protection in the Brazil, in line with international best practices.

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