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Sakpatenti staff participated in a training course on HR appraisal and promotion systems

During the past two weeks, Sakpatenti staff participated in a series of training sessions on HR matters. The sessions were organised in the framework of the activity ‘Capacity development of human resources’, which aims to support Sakpatenti to reinforce its HR policies as part of the ISO 9001:2015 certification process.

The specific objective of this course was to train all Sakpatenti staff on the newly developed appraisal and promotion systems, which are based on the functions and competencies specified in the job descriptions that are also established in the context of this activity.

The activity ‘Capacity development of human resources’ started in October 2021 and entailed a thorough revision of Sakpatenti’s HR policies. During the past months, a HR expert met with Sakpatenti staff to review all the HR processes. Jobholders answered a series of questionnaires, which allowed the expert to refine their job requirements and to draw up the related job descriptions in line with the Georgian legislation and guidelines on HR management.

This activity is an important step towards the reinforcement of Sakpatenti’s HR structure as well as its alignment with ISO standards. It will also contribute to put Sakpatenti at the forefront of Georgian public administration as regards administrative good practices.

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