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The Cuban Industrial Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launch the Madrid Protocol Booklet

In an effort to continue strengthening an intellectual property rights (IPRs) environment in the Caribbean that fosters innovation, trade and investment in Cuba, CarIPI (CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation project) has released a new practical guide in Spanish on the Madrid Protocol.

Since its entry into force in December 1995, brand owners in Cuba use the Madrid System to protect their trade marks in the 126 territories and 110 members of the System (including regions such as the EU) by filing a single international application and paying a single set of fees.

Protecting your trade mark is crucial in international trade. Brands and trade marks are at the core of business competitiveness. A unique brand associated with your company helps differentiate your goods and services from your competitor’s ones in a dynamic international market. The Madrid System is of particular interest to businesses that export products abroad or plan to do so. Getting international trade mark registration provides protection against a company’s trade marks being misused.

In order to maximise these benefits, the CarIPI project, in cooperation with the Cuban Industrial Property Office (OCPI), have published a booklet in Spanish entitled El Sistema de Madrid – la mejor vía para proteger su marca en el exterior. This key publication will guide Cuban entrepreneurs through the international registration of their trade marks and serve as a reference document for companies who want to protect their brands in international markets.

This publication addresses trade within the context of CARIFORUM and the European Union, discussing how a central system to manage trade marks works and the advantages of the Madrid Protocol. It also gives practical tips on how to register trade marks, and explains in simple language how the Madrid System works. Downoad the booklet here.

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