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CarIPI releases short documentary on Jamaican Jerk

The CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project (CarIPI) has just published a video entitled ‘Savoring Tradition: The Journey of Jamaican Jerk as a Geographical Indication’.

This video was produced by the CarIPI project and it portrays the journey of the Jamaica Jerk producers and how they have benefitted from the use of geographical indications (GI) to protect and promote this origin-linked product (OLP).

The food industry is a sunrise sector for Jamaica. Its world-famous Jamaica Jerk is a GI, which protects cultural heritage and promotes product quality. This intellectual property (IP) right ensures authenticity, supports the local economy, generates job opportunities and preserves traditional methods, benefiting both producers and consumers globally.

This is the first of a series of three videos, which are part of Activity 2 under the Annual Work Plan: Case study videos on geographical indications. The aim of the activity is to create awareness and provide evidence of the impact of IP rights, in particular registered GIs in CARIFORUM states.

Watch the video here:

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