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The CarIPI Project Launches Cohort 2 of its Mentorship Programme

The CarIPI project has commenced Cohort 2 of its Origin Link Products (OLP) mentorship programme in the CARIFORUM Member States. The programme is designed to provide producers with technical assistance to develop business strategies based on IP rights. Based on the lessons learned during implementation of Cohort 1, the experts will mentor producer groups in the areas of developing specifications and a relevant control mechanism to support the specifications developed

This time around, the project has gathered ten exceptional producer groups. Participants will have the remarkable opportunity to receive expert technical assistance in crucial areas such as refining specifications and control systems tailored for national and EU GI applications. Additionally, some participants will explore the realm of capacity building while discovering the most suitable intellectual property (IP) tools to significantly enhance their brand equity.

In this cohort, the project has welcomed the participation of five new countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Suriname, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Saint Lucia. The inclusion of these nations brings forth a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, which undoubtedly enhances the learning experience by adding richness and dynamism. We have already initiated collaborative efforts with the following producers to establish specifications and implement control systems: Bahamas Sea Sponge, Suriname Pineapple, Saint Vincent Arrowroot, Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan, and Saint Lucia and Grenada Rums and Grenada Cocoa. The capacity building component of the mentorship program for Cohort 2 will commence during the summer season.

Together, the CarIPI project is working with local producers to shape the future of entrepreneurship and intellectual property in the CARIFORUM region.

The work will be undertaken in the context of the Activity 18 of CarIPI’s Annual Work Plan 4. The OLP mentorship programme aims to enhance the competitiveness of unique agricultural and non-agricultural products produced in the CARIFORUM region. The programme started in 2021 and will run until the end of the CarIPI project’s lifecycle.

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