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Saint Lucia and Dominica

Technical Assistance Meetings with Producer Groups from Saint Lucia and Dominica

From 24 to 27 October 2022, the CarIPI team organised face-to-face meetings between mentors and producer groups from Dominica and Saint Lucia. This formed part of the project’s Mentorship Programme, which provides technical support to selected producer groups of origin-linked products (OLP).

In the visit to Dominica, the various crafts sector activities being implemented in the Kalinago Territory were discussed. The aim was to help Kalinago craft stakeholders choose the most appropriate intellectual property (IP) tools to protect their raw materials and certify their products in order to increase competitiveness.

The purpose of the visit to Saint Lucia was to meet with Sea Moss stakeholders and to discuss an IP action plan for sea moss producers. The objective was to consider the different options available, such as collective trade marks and geographical indications, and decide on the next steps to support the OLP strategy for sea moss in Saint Lucia.

The Mentorship Programme’s objective is to build capacity among producer groups in CARIFORUM States to develop and manage quality schemes associated with their origin-linked products, and to effectively market their products in target markets.

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