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Launch of the new publication: The Madrid Protocol in Trinidad and Tobago

As of 2021, Trinidad and Tobago implements the Madrid protocol, which gives national businesses the possibility to register their trade marks globally. Local brand owners in Trinidad and Tobago can now use the Madrid System to protect their trademarks in the 122 territories of the System’s other 106 members by filing a single international application and paying a single set of fees.

The booklet “The Madrid protocol – A route to global branding” will guide entrepreneurs through international registration of their trade marks and serve as a reference document for companies who want to protect their brands in international markets.

This publication addresses trade within the context of CARIFORUM and the European Union and discusses how a central system for the management of trade marks work and the advantages of the Madrid Protocol. It also gives practical tips on how to register trade marks, and explains in simple language how the Madrid system works.



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