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GI awareness raising session with stakeholders from Dominica

On 20 June 2023, CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation (CarIPI) collaborated with the Companies and Intellectual Property Office Ministry of Tourism and legal Affairs (CIPO) to host an online session on geographical indications (GI) with relevant stakeholders in Dominica. The session aimed to present the GI model law and the GI manual, developed by the project to guide producers, control bodies, and IP offices on how to develop and implement codes of practice and controls, and register geographical indications in the CARIFORUM region.

In addition, the CarIPI team shared information on the projects’ Mentorship Programme, which provides technical assistance in developing business strategies based on IP rights. The objective is to enhance the competitiveness of unique products (agricultural and non-agricultural) from the region.

This event is part of CarIPI’s Annual Work Plan 4, Activity 18 ‘Mentorship Programme: potential GI value chains’.

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