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Paramaibo, Suriname

CarIPI and Suriname cooperation on the new Industrial Property Law

Concurrently with Suriname’s process of getting a new Industrial Property Law approved, covering patents, utility models, trademarks, designs, and GIs, CarIPI provided technical support to review the final text.

In particular, CarIPI (international cooperation project focused on IP in the Caribbean) assisted the IP Office of Suriname to review the Law in the light of the provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreement, with a view to further align the law with the EU and international provisions.

Between March 9 and 11 2020, the EUIPO IP expert, Ms Sophia Bonne, visited the IP Office of Suriname to meet Kenneth Codrington, the Registrar and his team to discuss the recommendations and next steps for the new Industrial Property Law and deepen on our excellent relationship with the Office.



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