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Bahamas IP awareness training

On 20 November 2023, the CARIFORUM Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation project hosted a hybrid training session to raise awareness of intellectual property rights among SMEs in the Bahamas.

Throughout the CarIPI project, stakeholders have provided feedback highlighting the importance of strengthening the private sector, particularly for SMEs, micro-enterprises and indigenous communities. It is noted that there is an opportunity for business support organisations, producers and micro-entrepreneurs from the Caribbean region to increase their awareness and knowledge in the creation, identification, and management of IP and other intangible assets. Therefore, this training programme has been designed to strengthen their capacity to integrate IP into their business strategies.

This event consisted of two phases. The first phase was a self-paced online module developed by the EUIPO to familiarise SMEs with the basics of intellectual property.

The second phase was the hybrid event in the Bahamas on 20 November. (Participants who complete the online course will be given priority for the limited number of places available). The in-person event will consist of two sessions. The first session will focus on monetising intellectual property assets and the second session will be dedicated to group work and case studies.

This activity aims to help SMEs to build, protect, and manage their value chains using IP rights to gain a competitive edge. The project has focused on different areas such as designs, trade marks, identifying high potential products and helping local businesses to integrate IP protection and value creation strategies.


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