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Capacity building workshop on geographical indications for public sector/policy makers in Nigeria

22 April 2021 is the date chosen for a workshop on geographical indications (GIs) in Nigeria. The main thrust of the workshop will be to discuss how best to prepare the public sector in promoting GIs in Nigeria (capacity building). This is being organised by the following partners: IP First Group, Africa International Trade and Commerce Research (AITCR), and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The event will be hybrid in nature (i.e. some participants will be available in person while others will participate online). The event will serve as a platform to discuss the benefits of protecting GIs. The partners will also look at the technical requirements of implementing a sui generis system to protect and promote GIs in Nigeria, and seek to identify local policymakers and influencers willing to help draft the legislation needed to support the initiative.



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