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Judges colloquium on enforcement – initiating the creation of an online accessible case-law database

ARIPO is making vast efforts to set-up a regional case-law database on intellectual property rights (IPRs). To achieve this high-reaching objective, the establishment of a network or platform to link IPR judges would be needed. This would facilitate not only the creation of this database, but also its maintenance and continuous upload of new case-law for different IPRs.

AfrIPI will support the creation of this database and the initial step will be the organisation of a judges’ colloquium. In this colloquium, the network will be proposed, and a case-law compendium will be created. Ensuring the buy-in from the judges will ensure the future maintenance of the database. In the long-term, this regional case-law database could develop into a Pan-African case-law database, by involving other African national and regional stakeholders.



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