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Consultative roundtable on enforcement of IPR for North African countries

A consultative roundtable on the enforcement of IPR for North African countries was held on the 23rd – 24th of February 2022. This online event brought together key North African IPR policymakers, enforcement and regulatory authorities, and stakeholders in order to generate a dialogue on the effective techniques and strategies for detecting, monitoring and investigating IPR infringements.

During this two-day event, factors enabling counterfeiting in North African countries were exploited as the activity did:

  • Provide a platform for exchanging views and presentations on IPR protection and enforcement, existing gaps and best practices in North Africa.
  • Promote inter-state cooperation between law enforcement authorities and policy makers.
  • Produce a situation report on IPR protection and enforcement in North Africa and based on this report formulate the next steps of the AfrIPI project aimed at capacity building and raising awareness on IPR enforcement-related issues.

The consultative roundtable facilitated the establishment of informal networks between the participating enforcement authorities, resulting in a coherent and well-organised strategy for interstate cooperation.

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This Activity will continue in AWP3.

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