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Consultative roundtable on enforcement of IPR for North African countries

A trend for increasing proliferation of counterfeit and illegal goods (ranging from medicine and food to pesticides) has been observed on the markets in North African countries. In this regard, AfrIPI will bring together key North African IPR policymakers, enforcement authorities and stakeholders to discuss about the effective techniques and strategies for detecting, monitoring and investigating IPR infringements. This roundtable will be an opportunity for these key stakeholders to share views on the existing gaps, best practices and the way forward. It will also facilitate the establishment of informal networks between the participating enforcement authorities to support and facilitate cooperation on cross-border IPR enforcement. The activity covers content derived from the Action Plan on Union for Mediterranean (UfM) Cooperation on the fight against Piracy and Counterfeiting. The AFRIPOL organisation, based in Algiers, will be involved in this activity.



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