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Workshop with Georgian authorities on enforcement practices and law amendments

On 5 and 6 April 2022, the EU Georgia Intellectual Property project (EUGIPP) together with Sakpatenti (the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia) will organise a workshop on the practical aspects of enforcement and related measures, and on draft proposals for law amendments related to IPR enforcement practices. This capacity-building event will target representatives from customs and other relevant enforcement authorities, the Georgian National Communication Commission and legal experts from the private sector.

This face-to-face workshop will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders to gather and share information on EU legislation, prosecution and institutional practices in view of further alignment with the EU acquis. The forum will allow participants to exchange their views on current Georgian legislation in the field of IP enforcement in order to strengthen the relations between the parties involved in the reform process and build a network of experts who will collaborate on IP enforcement matters in the future.

This activity is part of the EUGIPP’s 2022 Annual Work Plan and will consolidate the existing collaboration between Sakpatenti and the stakeholders responsible for the enforcement of IP rights in Georgia.


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