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Round-table discussion on creativity and IP in Georgian schools

On 1 July 2022, the National Intellectual Property Center – Sakpatenti and the EUGIPP will hold a round-table discussion on the forthcoming steps of the ‘Creativity and IP in Georgian schools’ activity.

The purpose of this event is to touch on the achievements of last year’s pilot project on IP and education. There will also be a discussion on how to extend the activity to other schools. School principals and teacher coordinators will be briefed on the activity and on the integration of intellectual property into Georgian schools’ curricula. In doing so, targeted schools will be provided with the appropriate learning methods to understand and recognise the importance of intellectual property.

Moreover, new educational materials and resources on intellectual property will be presented, and participants will be asked to share their opinions about the project. This will help to find a common understanding on the next steps to take to implement the activity in their respective schools.

The event will allow participants to exchange experiences and opinions, promote creativity and innovation in Georgian schools, and will help raise awareness on the role of IP.


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